Dating and kissing games for girl validating phone number in javascript

14-Sep-2017 22:08

Either of the two slathers their lips with the red lipstick and rushes to kiss the other person as many times as possible on any area of exposed skin (face, neck, arms, etc.), leaving one lip print for each kiss.

When the 60 seconds is up, their friends open the closet and count how many lip prints are on the receiving partner.

All guys and girls line up shoulder to shoulder, except one.

The chooser (selected from a hat) counts down the line 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9.

Each male-female pair takes turns going into the closet.

The pair that left the most lip prints wins.7/11 Minutes in Heaven (for the younger crowd)Have two choosers. They must pick a boy and a girl to go into a closet.

They can do this any way every other, just123456789, backwards, every 3, ect.

Dice is Nice Get two dice and put masking tape over all the dots on both dice.

Cherry Game You take a group of guys and girls and go around in a circle. Once you get through the first round, the second round is to spit it into your partner and the have to catch it with there mouth. One person starts by putting a clothes pin anywhere on one of the guys/girls clothes. If they don't take it off on the first try or drops it, they must kiss that person wherever the clothes pin was on their body.

The person who had the clothes pin on them then picks the person that they put the clothes pin on next.

Have one guy or girl laying down and the other person above them with the whipped cream (or other topping).

They can put it wherever they want (or you can set limits) and they have to lick it off. Fold a card for each person with a part of the body written on it (e.g. Pass out the cards and you have to kiss, lick, or suck that body part of the person next to you.

2 minute Temptations Start off with an even number of guys and girls.

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