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The work is priced at 7 Thaler in the October 1862 edition of Hofmeister, in later editions of the catalogue the price has changed.In most cases they won’t be visible to the naked eye in daylight (especially not at this dull time of year), but will come to life if a torch or a UV light is shone through the paper.Some watermarks are intricate designs, and can be dated quite specifically – many of Bach’s manuscripts have been dated through the range of watermarks on the paper he used (see Wisso Weiss’ catalogue of Bach’s watermarks).Therefore summer / autumn 1862 must be the publication date of the edition we have.

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Hofmeister, along with Whistling, are both vital sources in dating music of the nineteenth centuries. It’s possible, of course, that the edition we have is one that used the same plates but is later, perhaps much later. Currencies in Europe changed and fluctuated throughout the nineteenth century.