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For the first six weeks you will be paid 90 per cent of your average weekly earnings with no upper limit.For the following 33 weeks, you will be paid the standard rate of £139.58, or 90 per cent of your average weekly earnings, whichever rate is lower.Just like subjects from the Aztec empire, slowly ascending the temple steps, waiting to have our hearts ripped out “for the greater good,” we’re all sitting here, paralyzed, unable to believe the problem can ever be solved.Some weeks I’m funny, and some weeks I’m optimistic, but on this subject, I’m neither.This means that part or all of your child benefit is clawed back.HM Revenue & Customs has details of how to claim child benefit.The scope of the horror is too great, and the reality of each tragedy is too sad to contemplate.

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Rather, I see our national gun obsession, and the powerful interests that block meaningful change, as twin towers of ignorance.

I want to believe things will get better, but I don’t.

Instead of depressing you further, though, I’m going to show a larger group of photographs from “SHOT.” Because sometimes, we all need to know that even if we’ve given up, others haven’t.

These days, you can get shot in the head while you’re praying to God in Church, dancing at a country-music concert, or cowering under your desk at school. I’m not hopeful, but then again, the world is populated with do-gooders, as well as killers, so there’s always someone out there willing to try.

A bullet might rip through your car window while you’re waiting at the drive-thru, or maybe your assailant will point a gun in your face, stare coldly into your eyes, and then pull the trigger. In this case, I’m thinking of Kathy Shorr, as I recently put down “SHOT: 101 Survivors of Gun Violence in America,” recently published by power House books. The pictures in this book need little explication, as the title is enough to clue us in on what’s going on here.If you decide to end your maternity leave early, your partner can take your remaining entitlement as shared parental leave.

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