Gemini man dating scorpio woman

07-Nov-2017 16:12

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This relationship works best if you both work on your own interests and projects, while uniting when you both need each other’s support.

Scorpio is a highly dependable lover, and Gemini should not take their loyalty for granted.

Gemini is likely to think of unique and exciting date ideas and they can always bring up a topic of conversation which is interesting and stimulating for Scorpio.

However, Scorpio may sometimes not feel emotionally secure with Gemini, because they seem to have two natures: sometimes Gemini is very affectionate and loving, and other times Gemini seems indifferent and cold.

Here is a man who whizzes from one activity and party to another, charming everyone - including the Scorpio woman he has just met - with his sparking conversation and brilliant mind.

At the same time he is awe of this woman who is quiet but completely self-assured, knows exactly what she wants from life and how to get it.The different approaches in the way Scorpio and Gemini shows love and affection can be alarming and confusing.