Icp dating game music video

01-Jul-2017 13:50

Daisy, you get some Italian music – we can eat in the garden, like at a pavement café. You're wonderful and mad, and I love doing mad things ... Hope someone can help me I enjoy dating with beautiful grils and have fun but I hate grils who get jealous easly. You wanted to practise cooking Italian food, didn't you? You cook, Oliver, and I know how to make a great tiramisu. Is it true that we can alway change from the second sentence to the first one with just transform verb into verb-ing? Thanks , (Learn English Teens) Hi Pest R, You can say both of those. Unfortunately, we can't always answer individual user's grammar questions immediately. I find it's better than other translation tools because you can which option really makes sense for what you want to say. I'm only trying to practise in my english that why I wrote a little joy. On this website you can search for a word or phrase and see many examples of how it was translated in different contexts.Larry Peterman: We’ve just finished preparing a cricket cocktail. While you’re enjoying this, I’m going down and I’ll get your next course. It’s a lot like a shrimp cocktail, only instead of shrimp we use crickets. Presenter: The main course is a stir-fry, with a special garnish.

well, she hasn't even remembered to phone or to send an email or anything! We just need to choose a dish and then we need to buy ingredients. I am confuse to use the first one, I do not know the rule to use it.