Intimidating whites

20-Dec-2017 00:45

Because of the many efforts by professional race mongers such as the SPLC, the NAACP, and the like, hatred against your people has heightened to a level I have never before seen in my half-century of life on this earth.It terrifies me, and I wonder if perhaps fair-minded persons like yourself could help ameliorate this in some way?I found in Hadassah's request both sincerity and quiet desperation.Hers is one of many such e-mails I have received over the years from whites who confess to having been raised in liberal democratic- homes, but who are now flirting with white nationalism."Whites are people too" is the title of a You Tube video making the rounds on the Internet.A lot of stuff is happening in the world of race relations and little of it points towards a post-racial society.

After reading my book, and my blog criticizing the Southern Poverty Law Center, Hadassah wrote to inquire whether I would be willing to serve as an interpreter between the races.

Fox commentator Glenn Beck has been targeted by groups demanding his removal for having had the gall to call President Obama a racist who hates white people.

Beck is steadily losing advertisers, but his viewers seem to be sticking with him. White desperation is manifesting itself in various forms.

Revenge The enslavement of Africans resulted in a plethora of uprisings, from the Haitian Rebellion to Nat Turner’s rebellion.

Since then, whites have developed a pathological fear that oppressed Blacks will one day rise up and inflict vengeance upon their oppressors.

Okay, you’re bringing someone over for a date and you know their favorite drink is a Ramos Gin Fizz and, without thinking about it, you say you’ve got it. Not only can you woo your date with his or her favorite drink, but damn if producing a lemon meringue isn’t impressive on that same night.