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If you don't have a meat thermometer and would rather not buy one just for Thanksgiving, there are a few steps you can take to make sure your turkey is fully cooked and not overcooked.According to the experts behind the Turkey Talk-Line at Butterball, this is exactly what you need to do to ensure a fully cooked yet still moist bird.If the turkey breasts are getting too browned too quickly, cover the turkey in a tent of foil.

The only added accessory was a tie, of all things, so that her crisp white shirt had to be buttoned all the way up.

" "She ended up literally taking a bath in fake sperm." "And you guys photographed or videoed the whole thing, of course? Many of our young ladies enjoy the exhibitionism of the whole thing. And of course we always agree on a safe word for you to use if ever you find things going too far or if you just feel you've had enough. We want this to be one of the strangest, most exciting experiences of your life." "Sounds like it could be." "Good. Maybe as early as next week." As I sat listening to this dialogue my initial reaction changed from the notion of not wanting anything to do with it to the idea that I couldn't miss it for anything in the world. I'd been an eager participant in her double penetration. We might have been arriving for a pleasant dinner party.

The fact that I had a growing hard-on by the end of the discussion pretty much decided the matter. And as I drove her home I asked her if she really was interested in experiencing what would essentially be a monumental gangbang. It's like Professor Dan said, it would be the experience of a lifetime. He was a retired engineer and property developer named Raymond and he made it clear from the start that he was very impressed with Tanya's looks.

They can participate in a full gangbang if they wish." 'Let me get this straight. And all the money goes to the young lady as a kind of tip." "Ten or twelve men, at two hundred a pop, maybe more? And it's usually a very interesting and fun evening. One evening he set up this weird shower that poured down into a huge bowl or bath tub" "What's so weird about that? He concocted this huge amount of white slimy liquid that looked like semen. "Fuck, this guy must be loaded," was Tanya's only comment.

A girl could suck and fuck as many as twelve men if she wished? He was on a rigged platform above the bowl, and while the girl writhed around naked under him he used a kind of funnel to pour down thick ropes of fake sperm all over her." "Holy fuck! I mean I love the whole idea of being the center of attention of all those men. Fuck, it must be an amazing experience." "I'm glad you think so. The guy in question was a gray-haired older man who welcomed us himself at the door and was as warm and charming as could be.

Dan had asked Tanya to stay on for a while because he had something to discuss with her.

Following CN's purchase of Illinois Central (IC) in 1998, and a number of smaller US railways, it also has extensive trackage in the central United States along the Mississippi River valley from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico.… continue reading »

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